Special Interest Group in Blow Moulding - SIGBLOW
The Special Interest Group in Blow Moulding (SIGBLOW) provides industry with leading edge manufacturing technology. Formally launched in 1992, the R&D activities cover extrusion and injection-stretch blow moulding operations.


The benefits of membership are:

seminars and web-site access on results of research program
access to NRC laboratories
technology information reviews
simulation technologies

The resulting technology transfer is oriented for processors, material, mould and equipment suppliers, transportation, recreational and packaging sectors.

Research Programs Material and Performance Models
polyolefins, PET, engineering resins, foams and composites
rheology parametrisation and optimization

Process Simulation
parison formation, preform reheat, inflation, solidification and warpage
monolayer, multilayer and 3D blow moulding

Design Optimization
design advisor for multi-objective part development
shape optimization, soft computing techniques

Model-based Control
treatment of uncertainty and drift in manufacturing
simulation-based sensor systems

Experimental Infrastructure
3D multilayer intermittent EBM, continuous EBM
one step ISBM, reheat and freeblow station

Information Membership requires the active participation of the companies and the payment of an annual fee.
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.