Our machines are in operation on six continents.

Mykas Plastics continues to work in partnerships with dairy, water and juice processors worldwide to bring plastic packaging to their customers.

Mykas Plastics's full line of Uniloy Reciprocating Screw machines, utilizing intermittent extrusion blowmolding technology, is the preferred choice for high volume production of lightweight, monolayer containers at the lowest cost per container. With or without handles. Bottles from 85 milliliters up to 20 liters in capacity.

Our machines are in operation on six continents. Customers include small independent dairies and mega-operations, from the United States to United Arab Emirates. Bottled water facilities in Saudi Arabia and juice packers in Australia enjoy the same benefits from these efficient and reliable machines. In fact, over 90% of all Mykas Recip Blowmolding Machines we've produced (over 3,000 to date) are still making containers today.

The right technology for the application
There is no other machine design like it. The reciprocating screw process provides fast parison delivery and control. Fully supported molds ensure consistent, proper alignment and long life. And the unique ROTAC® toggle clamping mechanism delivers the highest tonnage in the industry.

Our variety of Mykas machine line models, with different head, clamp and extruder selections, offer you a machine system built for your specific production volume and container specifications. Advanced microprocessor systems control all machine functions, including operation sequence, temperature, parison programming, diagnostics and safety programs. And user-friendly software was developed for operator ease and convenience.