Other blow molding methods require multiple systems with as many as 28 different parisons to match the output of one of our single-or dual-parison wheel machines.

No Matter What Your PET Packaging Needs - Mykas Plastics Has a Solution

Mykas Plastics offers the ideal blow molding solution to produce high quality PET beverage, food, cosmetic, household chemical and pharmaceutical containers at a cost-effective price.

Mykas Plastics Injection Stretch-Blow systems produce a broad spectrum of container types, from narrow-neck bottles with close-tolerance threads, to wide-mouth jars, teardrop shapes and extreme oval profiles - all with clarity and high-quality finish demanded for today's packaging.

A Turnkey Solution or a Single Machine - You Choose
With the new Mykas Plastics family of PET packaging solutions, we offer a comprehensive turnkey solution.  By combining the Ferromatik EPET preform injection system with a Mykas Plastics VP Series 2-stage high-speed blowmolding system, you get reliable, high-volume production. If you need lower volumes with high flexibility for a wide range of applications, choose the Uniloy 750 series - for a single-stage solution suitable for up to 20 million containers annually.