Other blow molding methods require multiple systems with as many as 28 different parisons to match the output of one of our single-or dual-parison wheel machines.

At Mykas Plastics, we have expanded the versatility of our Vertical Wheel systems by equipping them with quick-change variable mold systems.

Consistent Containers for High Quality, Low Cost
The key to a Mykas Plastics Vertical Wheel System's consistency is its single- or dual-parison approach. Other blow molding methods require multiple systems with as many as 28 different parisons to match the output of one of our single-or dual-parison wheel machines. More parisons mean more variables to control and more chances for variations that cost you time and material.

Fast Cycle Times for High-Volume Production Demands
With modular constructed 8-,12-, 14- and 18-station wheels, a Mykas Plastics Vertical Wheel System can produce over 100 bottles per minute from a single parison. With a dual-parison system you can virtually double your production rates.

Expanded Machine Versatility Through Quick-Change Variable Molds
A Mykas Plastics Vertical Wheel System is designed with a standard wheel that accommodates variable mold lengths. Instead of having one wheel dedicated to a single mold, you can run molds of various sizes without any system modifications. With our quick-change system, you replace molds in a matter of a few hours.

Since molds are easily changed to produce a variety of containers, wheel machines are now a viable long-term solution for a wider range of applications.

Efficient Design, Mechanical Control for Safe, Convenient Operation
A Mykas Plastics Vertical Wheel System is safe and easy to operate. Modular designs for optimal efficiency with cam-actuated control, the system offers maximum protection for both your molds and operators.

Mykas's unique "book-style" mold design and spring-loaded cams extend the life of your molds by insuring they close tightly and develop proper tonnage without excessive force. Our low-and-high-pressure lockup mechanism prevents the system from developing tonnage when something becomes caught between molds.

The take out system removes bottles at the twelve-o'clock position so you never have to crawl under the wheel. The work platform gives your operators a safe view of the system with access to all major controls.

Coextrusion Technology for Superior Layer Control
A Mykas Plastics Vertical Wheel System is ideal for coextrusion applications. Capable of producing containers with seven layers of material, the machines allow you to:

  • Incorporate post-consumer reclaim (PCR) between virgin material layers
  • Reduce material costs by using less expensive structural layers
  • Combine resins to enhance resistance to oxygen and moisture permeability
  • Place consistently accurate view stripes in your containers

Captured Parison for Better Process Control
With a Mykas Plastics Vertical Wheel System, the parison is extruded downward and always remains inside the mold cavities. By holding both ends of the parison, our system gives you much greater control of material distribution than machines that allow the parison to hang freely. A captured parison cannot sway or twist in the mold, so it produces more consistent containers, especially for applications involving coextrusion and view striping.

Post-Mold Finishing to Meet Your Exact Container Requirements
Mykas Plastics is committed to providing you with a finished container. We will design a complete, post-mold finishing system that meets whatever trimming requirements you have, from deflashing and spin trimming to facing, reaming, leak testing and more.

Turnkey Systems and Total Support
A Mykas Plastics Vertical Wheel System is more than a wheel machine. It's a turnkey solution molds, tooling and trimming thoroughly tested and statistically guaranteed to deliver the exact finished containers you need at the low unit production cost you expect.

Many customers take advantage of our complete project management expertise. In effect, we will put you in business, setting up and operating all blow molding, ancillary and secondary operations. We will assist you in running the blow molding side of the business while we train your people. In some cases, we even guarantee the production rates for an extended period with our on-site support.