Injection-blow molding is the best processing choice for producing the highest quality, finished containers that most consistently meet close tolerance specifications.

Injection-blow molding is the best processing choice for producing the highest quality, finished containers that most consistently meet close tolerance specifications. The many standard features built into every Mykas Injection-Blow Molding System, along with a variety of available options, give you the capabilities to mold complex shapes and meet high production requirements.

Unsurpassed Bottle Quality
Completely finished in the mold, Mykas injection-blow molded containers have minimal variations in weight, wall thickness, and volume. And there's no pinch-off scar from flash to mark the bottle's surface. Process variations which are commonly found in other systems using resin regrind are not present in this scrap free process. Mykas Plastics technology also provides the high tolerance injection molded neck finish required for many of the child-resistant and tamper evident bottle closure designs.

Processing Versatility
Mykas Plastics Injection-Blow Molding Systems process the widest variety of resins into any shape - from small containers to wide mouth jars, as well as many industrial parts. Optimal processing of all resins can be achieved with a closed loop feedback system which allows fine tuning for consistency in control of critical injection ram speed, pressures and cavity packing.

High Productivity at the Lowest Per Unit Cost
Every Mykas Plastics Injection-Blow Molding System meets the economic challenge of high productivity in many ways:

  • Providing high cavitation with smaller bottles;
  • Using heavy-duty clamping pressures with tie-bars to ensure uniform clamping pressures across all cavities;
  • Utilizing an energy efficient, hydraulic power package designed for fast cycling with minimum maintenance;
  • Offering standard process control that provides energy and resin savings, faster startups, reduced machine downtime, and fewer operator running adjustments; and
  • Providing a horizontal in-line extruder that allows quick color change and is easy to maintain.

Options Increase Versatility
The interchangeable heads on these Mykas Plastics systems optimize cavitation and provide the capability to process a large variety of bottles of all sizes and shapes, while part removal systems conveniently position bottles for downstream operations. Hopper dryers can be mounted directly on the horizontal extruder to provide better extrusion quality, which is especially important when processing engineering resins. The optional core rod temperature control optimizes the processing of all resin types. Heavy-duty clamping pressures with tie-bars ensure uniform clamping pressures across all cavities.

Mykas Plastics Injection-Blow Molding Systems are known worldwide for their reliable performance and outstanding productivity. We offer a complete range of three-station injection-blow machines with injection clamp force from 24 to 208 tons. As the largest supplier of blowmolding machines in North America, our service network assures processors all the support necessary for maintaining efficient productivity.

Horizontal Reciprocating Extruder
The horizontal reciprocating screw extruder provides better process control of plasticizing, injection speeds and pack pressure. Mounted at ground level, screw removal, hopper emptying, barrel cleaning, and other maintenance chores are faster and easier. This streamlined design also lends itself to faster color changes.

Utilizing the standard horizontal reciprocating screw in its continuous ram screw rotation mode increases plasticizing capacity and more gently processes heat sensitive resins. And when required, the hopper drier can be mounted directly on the feed throat to provide the best quality melt and save floor space.

Tie-Bar Clamp
The Mykas Plastics tie-bar clamp assembly features heavy-duty cross arms that ensure uniform clamping pressure across all cavities. The rigid tie-bar support for the clamp eliminates mismatch of mold parting lines, prevents mold flashing, and reduces die-set bushing wear. The tie-bars are widely spaced for optimum container swing and cavitation. Mykas Plastics has positioned all operating hydraulics below the table to avoid oil contamination of containers.

Hydraulic System
Four individually activated hydraulic pumps work together to operate the Mykas Plastics Injection-Blow System, eliminating the need for troublesome accumulators. Each circuit is isolated and activated only when needed to maximize system efficiency. The hydraulic tank is located within the machine frame, saving floor space, and the hydraulics are manifolded, simplifying maintenance.

The microprocessor control simplifies operation and permits fine tuning of critical injection ram speeds, pressures and cavity packing. Utilizing this closed loop controller maximizes container quality and production efficiency.

The operator can program and optimize the filling speed to suit the preform shape, the material being processed, and the overall design characteristics of the manifold, gate and preform. Variations in resin, hydraulic temperatures, and melt viscosity are adjusted automatically on a continuous basis by the process control, requiring minimum operator attention.

The core rod fluid distributor easily and efficiently routes temperature conditioning water or oil to the core rods, giving maximum clarity and quality to PP, PC and other containers. The "Stripper Tipper" strips the bottle from the core rod and stands it up automatically for easier downstream operations. Interchangeable indexing heads optimize cavitation and provide maximum flexibility to produce a wide variety of bottle sizes.