Thanks to advances in plastics there are dozens of affordable tools and gadgets that can help today's seniors maintain an independent lifestyle and prevent serious injury.
Athletic competition continues to evolve and athletes continue to make remarkable achievements. Plastics are making major contributions to the world of athletics.
APC has launched an exciting new site exploring the infinite uses of plastics on Earth and beyond. Learn how technology developed for use in space eventually benefits everyone here on Earth.
From helmets to gloves to mountain bikes to backpacks, plastics make adventure racing possible. Visit our adventure racing site, to learn more about plastics and adventure racing.
When kids use safety devices, lives are saved and injuries are significantly reduced.       

When Alexander Parkes developed the first man-made plastic product in the 1860s, he had no idea what an integral role the material would come to play in our everyday lives.

In 1953 German chemist Karl Ziegler developed polyethylene, and in 1954 the Italian chemist Giulio Natta developed polyproylene, two of todays most important plastics / polymers.

Natural polymers make up substances such as tar and tortoise shell horns as well as tree saps. Natural polymers began to be chemically modified during 1800s.

Today, plastics play an important role in vital industries such as space technology, medical composition, engineering, etc; and mimic nature in its versatility, creativity and aesthetics replacing the older heavier version of metal and steel.

Life without plastics is unthinkable.
Plastics versatility allows it to be used in everything from car parts to cosmetics - creating a unique style and individuality to specific products. Cosmetics in plastic jars or tubes are hygienic, attractive and distinctive.

Plastic engineers are always introducing new innovations to create more products using fewer resources. Efficiency and versatility being the key ingredients.

In fact since 1976 plastic has been the most used material in the world and has been voted one of the top 100 news events of the century, those pioneers made it possible for us to enjoy the quality of life today.

Plastic Saves Lives
Many medical equipment are made from plastic ensuring a healthier and safer environment for
the young and old.



Underneath It All
The Plastic Protective Gear of Football

Behind the shiny numbers on the jerseys and deep beneath the sparkle of those polished helmets, hides an intricate system of plastic protective gear that helps keep professional football, and each of its talented players, alive and kicking.